60 Miles by Road or Rail

Poster, Website & Marketing

The project

Directed by Andy Routledge and created with Northampton artists, 60 Miles By Road Or Rail brings Northampton’s past and present crashing together to celebrate the town at a time when austerity threatens to pull it apart. The show needed a poster and flyer creating, as well as a website to allow them to share the project with the community.

Creating the poster

We decided on a concept that referenced a lot of visual aspects of Northampton history. The crowd queueing up to get into town was inspired by imagery of the Woodstock festival, to give it an edge of excitement and celebration. The colour palette was inspired by the ‘Energy in Northampton’ album cover, and numerous little small references to the town were included throughout.

Building the website

The project also required a website that served not only as a promotional piece for the show and a reference point for it after the performance date, but also a community hub. Users had the ability to share their own Northampton stories through the site which were then posted to a bespoke blog feed.

View the site for yourself here.

As well as being on display outside the venue in the lead up to the performance, the poster was also used as the basis for flyers and social content.

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